Festival of Ideas 2013

ART at the ARB is taking part in the Festival of Ideas 2013 with and artist talk by Deanna Tyson and a special exhibition by Matthew Blakely

Artist Deanna Tyson will be giving a talk on her current ARB exhibition “Until lions write their own history …” on Saturday 26 October from 4-5pm in Seminar Room S1, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road.

Matthew Blakely is part of the ART:LANGUAGE:LOCATION art installations on the Sidgwick Site. He will be exhibiting some of his ceramic works on the ground floor of the ARB from Thursday 17 October for the duration of the Festival of Ideas.

You can find out more about Matthew Blakely’s work here: http://artlanguagelocation.wordpress.com/artists/artists-h-m/matthew-blakely/

More information about the ART:LANGUAGE:LOCATION project can be found here: http://artlanguagelocation.wordpress.com/


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